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Our Artificial Intelligence hybrid course is made with utmost research. With 1:1 session, this course helps you become the master of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning skills like NLP, Data Science, and Neural Network using various hands-on real-time projects. Our instructors are handpicked to deliver the best to students to attain the right learning outcome..

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60+ doubt solving sessions with experts

200+ hrs of self-paced video

200+ Exciting projects, assignments, & assessments.

Engage web-enabled infomediaries

Learn from the industry experts and practitioners

1:1 live face to face classes with instructors

Interview tips, trick, and guaranteed placements

24*7 support with EMI Options

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Course Objective

The AI Course's primary objective is to familiarise you with complete aspects of AI, to step into to become an expert in AI. The topics/modules you will learn in the programme are beneficial is you are looking for career change or brush up your skills.

The Fundamentals of Deep Learning

An Overview of Artificial Neural Networks

Methods of supervised and unsupervised learning

Deep Knowledge on Machine Learning

Advanced Python applications

Natural language processing

Hand on projects

Artificial Intelligence an Overview

Mashdemy, in collaboration with JainX, offers a complete Artificial Intelligence programme that will prepare you to work on today's cutting-edge technology (AI). With the help of simplified AI courses built by subject experts, Mashdemy will help you fire your curiosity and assist you in adapting and improvising to the modern-day approach to everyday life. You will be learning advanced Python, Data Science, Machine Learning applications, and more as part of this India's best AI training course and materials.

What will you learn in this AI Course?

Artificial Intelligence courses in India is more in demand than any other courses. In this Artificial Intelligence Course, you will have the access to many cutting-edge technology skills and tools that will help you to master AI.

What skills and tools will I attain from this AI Course?

In this Artificial Intelligence course, you can attain the skills like Python, Data Science, Data Analytics, AI, and more. In terms of tools, Python, Jupyter, SQL, Tableau, and more.

What are the job roles to which I can apply after completing AI Course?
  • AI Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Applied Scientist
  • AI Architect
  • Senior Business Analyst
AI Developer

AI developer designs, deploy, and develop AI based systems. They provide solutions to number of issues that includes risks by using AI and programming.

Data Scientist

Perform data mining and statistical analysis comprising predictive modelling to develop marketing strategies.

Machine Learning Engineer

ML Engineer is capable of inventing AI solutions and applying the solution to the right issue.

Applied Scientist

Design and build Machine Learning models to derive intelligence for the numerous services and products offered by the organization.

AI Architect

Creates the required infrastructure and managing the compute needs of the system.

Senior Business Analyst

Extract data from the respective sources to perform business analysis, and generate reports, dashboards, and metrics to monitor the company鈥檚 performance.

Who can apply to this course?
  • Freshers who wishes to build a career in AI field
  • Project Managers
  • Developers
  • IT Professionals who are looking for a switch to complete programming and AI Engineers
  • Those looking for a step up in the IT game
  • Those who has completed their Bachelor鈥檚 degree who wishes for a career in AI Programming.

About JainX Learning Hub

JAINx- The Skilling Academy of Jain (Deemed-to-be) University provides Up-Skilling Programs in Online, Classroom and Self-paced mode, in Digital Marketing, IT, Business Analytics, Banking & Finance and Multimedia, to Graduates and Working Professionals.

  • 路You will receive LEVEL COMPLETION CERTIFICATE after the completion of each level
  • Upon the completion of the course, you will receive ADVANCED CERTIFICATION in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Course

Access to missed out live classes        

Access to digital learning materials

Access to recorded session

Access to doubt solving sessions

Meet Our Mentors

Mr. Chandan Kumar

Mtech in Data Science from IIT Palakkad. He is a passionate data science practitioner and has worked as a ML projects assistant in IIT Palakakad. His expertise is in Explainable AI, Machine Learning, Data pre-processing, Data Visualization, Python and MySQL.

Mr. Vishnu B. Raj

An AI enthusiast, currently working as a research scholar at IIT Palakkad. His skills include , Tensorflow, OpenCV, CNN, providing AI career guidance and webinars and Deep Learning technologies including NLP.

Mr. Kayyala Pavan Kumar

An enthusiastic Electronics and communication engineer, proficient in Python, ML, Facial Emotion detection using CNN, LangChain and NLP. He has won several awards and scholarship during his studies.

Course Curriculum

Level 1 - Python

路      Introduction to Python

路      Number Systems

路      Print Statements

路      Python Data Structures

路      Strings

路      Conditional Statements

路      Looping Statements

路      Functions

路      Quizzes and Assignments

路      Final Assessment to award certification and validate completion of the level

Level 2 - Advanced Python

路      Python Built-in Functions

路      Try, Except, Else, Finally

路      File Operations

路      Object Oriented Programming

路      Date-Time Package

路      Regular Expressions

路      Multi Thread Programming

路      Generators

路      Decorators

路      Dynamic Memory Allocation

路      Bonus: Game Creation

路      Quizzes and Assignments

路      Final Assessment to award certification and validate completion of the level

Level 3 - Data Science

路      Pandas

路      Numpy

路      Seaborn Package

路      Matplotlib, Pyplot Package

路      Web Scraping using Beautiful Soup

Level 4 - Statistics

路      Descriptive Statistics

路      Inferential Statistics

路      Quizzes and Assignments

路      Final Assessment to award certification and validate completion of the level.

Level 5 - Machine Learning Algorithms

路      Why ML and Applications of ML

路      Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms

路      Logistic Regression

路      Regularization Algorithms

路      Decision Tree Algorithms

路      Ensemble Algorithms

路      Support Vector Machine Algorithms

路      KMeans Cluster Algorithm

路      Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm

路      Quizzes, Case Studies and Assignments

路      Final Assessment to award certification And validate completion of the level.

Level 6 - Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms

路      Time Series Algorithms

路      Recommender Systems

路      OpenCV

路      Natural Language Processing

路      Na茂ve Bayes Algorithm

路      Deep Learning Algorithms

路      Artificial Neural Network (ANN)

路      Convolution Neural Network (CNN)

路      Recurrent Neural Network (RNN)

路      Long and Short Time Memory (LSTM)

路      Quizzes, Case Studies and Assignments

路      Final Assessment to award certification and validate completion of the level.

Program Highlights

Personalized & customised learning modules
Hybrid mode of Learning
LMS- Learning Management System
Access to all the modules the course
Freedom of self-paced learning
Lifetime access to the course
Live doubt solving sessions
24x7 Support

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Projects are a part of this curriculum to bring a consolidated learning experience. Only after the completion of projects and case study, you will be able to gain the Course Certification from Mashdemy X JainX.

Essential Tools
Made by Industry Experts
Projects & Case Studies
  • Bank Customer Segmentation using clustering
  • Diabetes prediction using classification models
  • House price prediction using regression based models
  • Image classification and OCR using OpenCV
  • Projects using Transformer models
  • Chatbot, Image/Music generators
  • Project deployment

Career Services

  • Assisting
  • Preparing
  • Building
  • Take up 2 mock interviews
  • Completion of 70 percent of course

You will be open to take up to 2 mock interviews where you will be answering the questions by the submission of said projects. Our representative will call you to update your status of interview.

  • 1:2 Mock Interview
  • Completion of 80 percent of course

Mock interviews will be conducted where our representative will assist you by giving the best industry tips and tricks for your improvement

  • Career focused session
  • Building your resume and familiarizing with hiring media

Helping you to get hired in various companies by giving you the right technological knowledge. 1:1 counselling session will be held where you will be assisted to make the right resume to get hired.


Admission and Fees 鉁


The application is very easy. The selection process will be done soon after the demo class and interview discussion. You will be getting a selection message either by text message or a call from our representative.

  1. Submit your Application
  2. Wait for us to get back
  3. Demo class and Interview
  4. Status Updating.



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Artificial Intelligence

AI Applications

Future Challenges in AI

Job Opportunities

Scratch tool

Artificial Intelligence

Learning the fundamentals of AI helps you to brighten and kick start your career in your dream company.


Number systems & Data Structures

Declaring variables

Statements & Sets


Level 1

Learn Python Programming, importance of data structure, Sets, Strings, and more. Quizzes, assignments and grab your certificate.

Built-in functions

File operations & OOP

Multithread programming

Dynamic memory allocation

Games & Quizzes

Level 2

Study the file operations, regular expressions, python generators, and grab your bonus session with quizzes and certificates.

Data Science Package



Web Scraping using Beautiful soup


Level 3